1 Gallon Material
4510 Material

This evergreen foliage plant has large, leathery leaves and daisy-like yellow flowers. It looks great as a border or in containers.
Noteworthy characteristics: Matte, gray-green leaves form a glorious tangle of tight, crispy edges.
Aureomaculata or Japonicum - forms mounds of foliage to about 2 feet tall and wide with broad, rounded green undulating 6 to 10 inch wide leaves with creamy yellow spots. The leaves stand on foot long hairy reddish stems. In late summer through fall, yellow daisy-like flowers bloom on 2 foot tall branched flower stems.
Care: This plant does best in moist soil, and while it can take more sun than other varieties, it still needs shade from afternoon sun.
Spacing: 12-15"
Water: Moist, well drained soil
>ligularia,leopard plant<

Partial Sun
Border Plant
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