Welcome to Oelschig Nursery Inc.’s first blog! It is certainly exciting to have an avenue where we can share our thoughts, inspirations, and passion with so many viewers! I would like to begin by introducing our new web site. We have worked extremely hard and very closely with a qualified team of designers and programmers to bring our guests a functional and easily navigated site. Take just a few minutes to read over the next few paragraphs while we summarize all the features that have been made accessible for you.

We have added several features that will enhance the overall interactive web experience. The newly renovated site incorporates a shopping cart feature to assist customers in expediting the ordering process. Users have the capability of adding product to their carts directly from the availabilty page or the library.

The virtual library is a database of our products including plant specifications, sizes, color and images,everything you need to plan that picture perfect design.With several different ways to search you are bound to discover exactly what it is you’re looking for and inspiration for more.

Take a look at the same availability you are familiar with or, for the more visual customers, take a glance at the availability with images and place your order directly from there!

Last but not least have fun exploring our new site and keep in mind that we have a mobile site as well. When you’re in the field and need product with no access to a computer we’re right in the palm of your hand! Check back here frequently to hear what Oelschig Nursery, Inc. has been up to!