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Oelschig Nursery: Our Beginnings

Oelschig Nursery, Inc. has been a Savannah GA tradition within the horticulture business for over a century. A deep love of and unshakable faith in the greenhouse industry has kept the Oelschig Corporation firmly rooted and growing strong since 1882 when August Carl Oelschig emigrated from Halle, Germany, to the United States. After a brief stay in Long Island NY, August ventured down South to open a nursery business in Savannah GA. Within a few years, Oelschig's business had flourished. By the early 1900s, Oelschig Nursery was the first U.S. producer of field-grown roses and the world's largest shipper of rubber plant cuttings.

Oelschig Nursery: A Family Business

Through the next half century, the business was divided among the family, resulting in third generation George Oelschig operating the George Oelschig Greenhouses. Fourth generation family business owner Kurt Oelschig now runs the greenhouses with the same devotion and drive that built the business from a brick more than 100 years ago. After earning his Bachelor of Science in Agriculture degree from the University of Georgia, Kurt stepped in the position of CEO. He continues to uphold the Oelschig reputation of quality product lines and excellent service.

We are a Legacy of Better

As a wholesale only business, Oelschig Nursery, Inc. serves the coastal Southeast from Brunswick GA and St. Simons GA to Charleston SC with outstanding quality and reliable service. Our dedicated and knowledgeable staff works closely with landscapers and retailers to fulfill the needs of each and every customer. Specializing in bedding plants for seasonal color and holiday crops for Easter and Christmas including Poinsettias, lilies, and Dutch bulbs, Oelschig Nursery Inc. is the best supplier for anything from mass planting to container gardens. Coupling family values and traditional services, Oelschig Nursery Inc. will proudly supply your business needs.

Contact Oelschig Nursery today for all of your wholesale plant needs - (912) 234-0015.