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Eight Steps for Keeping a Healthy Poinsettia

Everybody loves Christmas and nothing says festive like a poinsettia. The greenhouse markets poinsettias like no one in the business can. Rows upon rows of reds, whites, and pinks bursting color! But what do you do with those sensitive beauties once you leave our facility? The following eight steps should keep your poinsettia looking its healthiest through this wonderful season.

  1. After receiving your poinsettia please unsleeve immediately. If plants are left inside the sleeves for too long the leaves will turn yellow and fall off prematurely. Adequate airflow is necessary for the health and quality of any plant.
  2. When taking poinsettias home, make certain they are protected from temperatures below 50 degrees Fahrenheit. Chilling causes the leaves to drop. Poinsettias do best at 65 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit in a cool, bright area in a room with sufficient light to read fine print. They need a minimum of six hours of bright, indirect light daily to thrive.
  3. Water plants thoroughly when you get them home. Never allow poinsettias to sit in water.
  4. Check daily for water and irrigate only when soil feels dry to touch.
  5. DO NOT expose poinsettias to drafts.
  6. Keep plants away from radiators and hot air registers.
  7. High humidity is better than low humidity.
  8. Poinsettia bracts are sensitive to bruising. PLEASE HANDLE CAREFULLY.

It is our hope that these few simple instructions guide you in caring for your poinsettia and offering advice to your own clients!