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Potted Up

Container GardenContainer gardening is a fun and creative way to spruce up entry ways, patios, events and so much more. The home gardener may even want a small vegetable or herb garden in easily manageable containers. For landscapers and retailers there are a few golden rules to ensure your customer is more than satisfied.

Firstly, keep in mind for containers you will always want a thriller, a filler, and a spiller. Your thriller is the center focal point of height and/or color. Fillers self explanatorily fill in the mass of the container while your spillers trail and run over the edges of the container. Using this guideline as an initial template you are already well on your way to create the perfect container and are only limited by your imagination!

Secondly, consider the size and mouth of the container for the demands of the project. An individual wanting instant gratification and an abundance of color and fullness can’t confine their planting dream into a container nightmare because of the wrong sized pot. The container will be home to your planting aspirations so keep the following tips in mind:

Lighter colored pots in higher heat and humidity areas will lesson the amount of heat absorption.

Small containers restrict room for root growth and dry out very quickly.

Pots must have adequate drainage and be set upon bricks or stands to allow water to flow through and away from the container. Remember clay pots are a great alternative but are porous loosing water from the sides; monitor these pots for sufficient watering.

Lastly, try different combinations and enjoy mixing colors until you find the right balance for your own style. A few ideas to get you started are listed below but remember to just do what works for you and have fun doing it!

Complimentary combinations – these combos will focus on two colors set across from each other on the color wheel such as orange and blue or yellow and violet. Choose one color to dominate and the other to accent, the contrast will make each appear more vivid and bright.

Harmonious combinations that use two or more colors found next to each other on the color wheel. Try using several lighter and darker tones of one specific color or those that are similar. Once again use one color as a dominant and the others to accent just try to staying within the same color scheme for that harmonious affect.

Triad combinations are one of the most popular combinations using three colors spaced evenly around the color wheel. This combination offers high contrast with balance. Try using shades of yellows, blues, and reds for example. These combinations are sure to be big, bright and beautiful. Whatever your color palet choices are always know the growing pattern of your material so that you may best achieve your goal. Now get down, get dirty, and create something beautiful!